Top 7 SaaS Design Agencies (And Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best One for Your Project Needs)

Building a SaaS product seems like a great decision these days. This business model is on the rise, requires less upfront investment than traditional companies, and is relatively easy to scale. However, to succeed in the SaaS field, you need to have not only a great idea but a well-designed product that is functional and delivers a high-quality user experience. This is when you might consider turning to a SaaS design agency for help.

Such an agency can help you expand your in-house team, deliver more profound, industry-related expertise and insights, and help shape products according to your vision and needs. Want to know how to pick the best agency for your needs? Then read further!

Top SaaS design agencies to consider

With so many different agencies these days, it could be challenging to pick the one for your specific needs, be it SaaS product design agencies, SaaS web design agencies, or UI/UX ones. That’s why we want to offer you five options in every design niche that are considered the best on the market.


Meet Eleken — a pragmatic agency offering UI/UX SaaS design services. If you have a product that you want to improve with the help of a user-friendly, data-driven experience, Eleken can come to your aid.


Being a niche agency, Eleken doesn’t offer a variety of diverse services besides your regular UI/UX design and audit for web and mobile products. However, they can offer you:

  • MVP design from scratch: Eleken’s designers create an early version of your SaaS product, helping it receive the initial approval from advisors, investors, and customers;
  • product redesign. If you already have a fully-functioning product that is outdated, doesn’t drive enough revenue or user engagement, Eleken can fix that with an efficient high-quality redesign;
  • team extension. When you already have a team of skilled in-house professionals but still feel it’s not enough to grow your product at a desired pace, you can hire SaaS designers from Eleken. They can join your team for a certain amount of time and share their experience and knowledge.

Eleken has an impressive 4.9 average rating on Clutch and has been working with products of different scales and niche, including Gamaya, Astraea, Enroly, and Gridle.

Together Agency

If you are looking for a high-quality product SaaS design agency, Together could be your perfect match. They position themselves as an agency that “creates brands that come to life on screens” and focus on digital-first products.

Together Agency

Together Agency helps their clients with the following things:

  • creating a brand story by developing and implementing brand strategy, tone of voice, and visual identity;
  • creating and marketing websites with the help of strategy, UX architecture, copywriting, design and animation, development and support;
  • designing products that support your brand and stand out among competitors. This is achieved with the help of research and development, UI/UX design, prototyping, content strategy, and brand integration.

Together Agency works with tech companies and has vast expertise in the SaaS domain. With an overall Clutch rating of 4.9 and dozens of happy clients, they seem like a great choice for those looking to design and shape their products.


If you’re looking for a SaaS website design company, a web or a mobile app design one, consider turning to Adchitects for it. They help SaaS and e-commerce companies build or improve their digital products.


Here’s what Adchitects can do:

  • help turn ideas into digital products by accessing business requirements, comparing them to actual user demands, and creating an implementation strategy;
  • help bring ideas into life by creating digital products that are both functional and appealing;
  • help visualized product concept come to life by picking the most appropriate and sustainable technology and conducting web development (front-end, back-end, no-code, QA);
  • support products after the launch by updating and optimizing them for the target audience.

Adchitechs boast a 4.9 Clutch rating and have Jagermeister, Apollo, and Huddly among their clients.


Catchword brand your products to help them connect with the target audience on a personal level. If you’re looking for an agency that can give your brand not only a design but a vision and a voice, Catchword might be a top pick for you.


Here’s what they offer:

  • brand strategy that helps define why your project exists, its purpose, uniqueness, and value to the world. The services include brand positioning, brand architecture, brand messaging, and taglines;
  • naming that helps brands become recognised. Catchword claims that “no other agency has a track record for developing successful brand names as strong and diverse” as them. The services include company naming, product and service naming, brandable domain names, and linguistic analysis;
  • Visual identity that helps brands resonate with their audiences, get noticed, and make an impact. The services include logos and wordmarks, identity systems, templates and touchpoints, and brand style guidelines.

Catchword has an amazing 5.0 rating at Clutch and has been working with diverse clients, starting from startups and ending with Fortune 500 companies like Intel, The Home Depot, and Corning.


Clay is an agency that specializes in both branding and UX design. They create high-quality digital experiences for companies all over the globe.


Clay’s services include:

  • creating and representing digital brand identities. This is achieved with the help of brand strategy, brand architecture, verbal and visual identity, brand guidelines, and brand experiences;
  • creating user experience for digital products. This is achieved with the help of user research and testing, CX, UX and interaction design, UI design, motion design, and design systems creation;
  • website creation. Clay is responsible for content strategy and production, website design, CMS implementation, frontend and backend development, as well as creation of interactive experiences;
  • content creation. The agency offers art direction, illustration and graphic design, iconography, animation, photo and video, and 3D services;
  • Website and product development. Clay offers technology consulting, architecture planning, mobile app development, frontend and backend development along with API integration, works with AI, AR/VR, wearables, and Web3.

Clay has a 4.9 Clutch average rating and has worked with various innovative companies, including Meta, Google, Snapchat, and Slack.

Wandr Studio

Wandr Studio is a product strategy and UX design firm. It offers strategic solutions that drive results.

Wandr Studio

Wandr Studio’s services include:

  • UX audit. Studio experts evaluate existing user experience to identify roadblocks and resolve existing problems such as low retention, poor user onboarding, and other things;
  • UI/UX design that makes products useful, easy to understand, and pleasant to use;
  • design systems that save the clients time and money by allowing them to implement new features quicker and easier;
  • startup bootcamp that helps entrepreneurs shape their startup idea into a pitch and an MVP.

Wandr Studio has a 5.0 Clutch rating and has worked with Samsung, Geico, IBM, and other big and small companies.


TinyFrog is a web design and development agency with a sweet and friendly positioning.


TinyFrog offered its clients the following services:

  • web design that helps your business stand out from competitors and convert visitors into customers;
  • WordPress-supported designs and adaptation of existing designs for WordPress;
  • WordPress fixes, tweaks, and maintenance;
  • creation of accessible websites or making the existing websites accessible;
  • SEO optimization that helps boost visitors and conversions.

The agency has a 4,9 Clutch rating and has worked with Lee & Associates, National University, and other companies.

Factors to consider when choosing a design agency for your needs

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when choosing a design agency. In the end, it all comes down to various factors that are critical for your product.

Let’s focus on the main factors that might influence your final decision:

Deep expertise in the SaaS domain

Designing for every domain has its specifics. For SaaS products, these specifics are:

  • the design should be adaptive and easily scalable to future needs;
  • the sign-up process should be straightforward and frictionless;
  • the CTAs should be clear and visible;
  • the design should be intuitive and minimalist, without visual or functional clutter;
  • the design should be able to quickly present all the critical information to the users (for instance, all the important data should fit the dashboard).

The right agency for your needs should take these things into account and know how to design interfaces that align with SaaS best practices. After all, why would you want to work with someone who has little to no understanding of your domain?

You can choose between agencies that work in different domains, SaaS included, or focus on those who design exclusively for SaaS companies. While the final decision is obviously up to you, we recommend the second option. Focusing on one domain allows an agency to gain deeper expertise. Furthermore, if all agency specialists know how to design for your domain, this means you’ll be able to get the necessary aid as quickly as you want (instead of waiting for a domain-related designer to finish another project first).

Yes, it can be enough for a design agency to know how to create a SaaS product… but only if your product’s industry isn’t a rare bird. Companies working in specific industries, such as data, AI, geoservices, and cybersecurity, are often looking for designers familiar with the industry. Such expertise allows designers to take on a project faster without getting acquainted with the industry first. This, in turn, saves clients lots of time and budget, and guarantees better results.

The easiest way to find out if a design agency has the expertise you’re looking for is to check out their website and cases. For instance, Adchitechts have a lot of experience with biotech, fintech, retail, and Web3 industries.

Eleken also can offer you design expertise in various niches: sales, business processes, recruitment, eLearning, marketing, data, geoservice, developer-focused products, and AI.

Team expertise

Team expertise is another factor that could either narrow down or broaden your choices of a design agency. In the end, it depends on what kind of experience your project needs.

Maybe you’re looking for a team of experts who can take on the full product development cycle, starting with design and ending with development and marketing. Such agencies do exist — for instance, Together Agency provides all the mentioned services.

Or maybe you already have a team of in-house professionals building your product and are looking exclusively for the design expertise. In this case, you can turn to Eleken for UI/UX design services or check out Adchitechts if you need a SaaS website design agency.

Work approach that the agency uses

Every agency has its own work approach that shapes the way they design products. Learning about an agency’s approach and verifying if it aligns with your business goals and needs is one of the quickest ways to test your potential compatibility.

For instance, Catchword’s approach is curiosity and contemplation backed up by serious analysis and open-minded exploration. They aim to help build brand that shape our world.

Eleken, on the other hand, uses a pragmatic design approach. This mindset is focused on delivering practical solutions to both users and businesses. To achieve it, Eleken’s professionals dig deep, researching each product’s competitors and target audience, understanding their pain points, testing and iterating with end users to make sure that the end result actually solves people’s problems.

Post-launch support

Often SaaS design partnership doesn’t end at launch. Companies might need to scale their product, implement new features, or improve the existing ones to make them perfect. Therefore, when you find an agency you like, it’s good to confirm if it offers post-launch support for updates, bug fixes, and ongoing design enhancements before you start your collaboration.

Wrapping up

Finding the right SaaS design agency for your needs might be challenging. To make this easier, think about the main factors contributing to your choice, such as:

  • expertise in the SaaS domain;
  • expertise in your specific industry;
  • team expertise and skill set;
  • agency’s work approach;
  • post-launch support.

Whether you’re looking for a SaaS website design firm or SaaS UI/UX design and audit of your product, our top-7 list above contains suggestions for each of these needs. Explore the agency’s websites, pick the right one for you, and, of course, don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

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